Black Wolf Huntress Pack

The Black Wolf Huntress pack is one of the few pre-workout supplements made just for women

There are hundreds if not thousands of sports supplements available. The unfortunate thing is that 90% of all supplements are made for men. If you search for a supplement made just for women there are very few. The ones that are available are loaded with too much creatine and stimulants, very few have the nutrients that women really need.

What is the Black Wolf Huntress Pack?

The Blackwolf huntress pack are three different products which can be purchased as a stack or individually.  It contains the perfect balance of ingredients that will give you improved mental focus, energy, and stamina to help you tackle any workout.

Pre-Workout supplements do not need to contain excessive amounts of stimulants to work. Black Wolf takes a slightly different approach that boosts your energy with quality ingredients. The Huntress pack contains a combination of BCAA’s, vitamins, minerals, and proteins to help women boost energy, focus, and reduce fatigue, regardless of the sport or activity you enjoy.

Black Wolf Huntress Pack

How it works

The Blackwolf Huntress pack is a special pre-workout formula to help you train with intensity. The Huntress pack comes with a pre-workout (Trail), intra-workout (Hunt), and a post-workout (Eliminate). Each formula is there to help you with every stage of your training. -> Learn more

Blackwolf Pre-Workout (Trail)

The Blackwolf pre-workout is one of the few supplement formulas made just for women. Regardless of the time you train, morning or evening, either way, if you hold down a full-time job, go to school, or are a full-time mom, trying to squeeze out enough energy to exercise can be tough. Blackwolf trail will provide you with the energy you need all day.

Black Wolf Trail Pre-Workout for Women

Blackwolf trail contains over 20 quality ingredients to help burn fat and uncover lean and toned muscle, the special formula also contains ingredients to help eliminate bad free radicals to keep you energized and glowing.

Blackwolf  Intra-Workout (Hunt)

The Black Wolf hunt formula is what is called an intra-workout, this supplement is taken while you train. Blackwolf hunt is intended for long training sessions, it helps maintain energy levels high, this keeps you strong and prevents fatigue, no matter how hard the workout is. The Hunt formula is loaded with BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) carbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Black Wolf Hunt Intra-Workout for Women

Blackwolf Post-Workout (Eliminate)

The most important thing you can for your body after a hard training session is to treat it with essential nutrients.  This will help prevent post-workout fatigue and reenergize your body. Muscles need glycogen! It is a scientifically proven fact that the optimum time to replenish glycogen levels is within the first two hours after you train.

Black Wolf Eliminate Post-Workout for Women

Giving your body the right supplements within the first 30 minutes after you train can boost glycogen by as much as 5%. There are few supplements that deliver adequate amounts of minerals and BCAA’s to help restore lost nutrients. The Blackwolf Huntress pack does!

What to expect from the Black Wolf Huntress pack

Women who have used the BlackWolf huntress pack notice incredible performance and energy gains within days of taking the supplement. You will notice increased energy and incredible fat loss. The end result is a leaner body with firm and toned muscle.

Who can take the BlackWolf Huntress Pack

Women of any fitness level can take Black Wolf supplements, it does not matter what kind of sport you enjoy, be it long cardio sessions, strength training. golfing or cycling. Black Wolf just makes it better. Young and older women can benefit from Black Wolf supplements.

How Much does it cost?

The Blackwolf Huntress Pack cost $82.95 and includes all three products, along with free shipping to over 100 countries.


Blackwolf is one of the few supplements that offer quality ingredients at an affordable price, it contains no fillers or stimulants. You will have a tough time finding a pre-workout supplement that offers the same quality and price that the Blackwolf huntress pack delivers.

Where to buy

You will not find the BlackWolf Huntress pack sold in stores. When your Purchase the BlackWolf huntress pack from the official website you are guaranteed a genuine product, a free smart shake and it includes 5 essential workout guides to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.


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